Alma Laser Hair Removal

The Alma laser is the perfect permanent hair removal machine and is the only technology for dark / tanned skin. It is the #1 non-invasive aesthetics treatment available today, during a laser hair removal treatment, light passes through the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft. This absorption raises the temperature of the hair follicle and thermally destroys the cells responsible for regrowth. The attributes of the light (wavelength, pulse duration and power) are chosen to ensure damage to these cells and not the rest of the skin.

Course 5+1 free
Upper Lip  R280 R1100
Chin  R280 R1250
Side Burns  R350 R1350
Full Beard  R1190 R5900
Neck Front or Back  R320 R1600
Bikini  R600 R3000
G-String  R700 R3500
Hollywood  R900 R4500
Underarms  R390 R1950
1/2 Arm  R900 R4500
Full Arm  R1700 R8500
Fingers  R200 R1000
Lower Leg (Excl. Knees)  R1400 R7000
Lower Leg (Incl. Knees)  R1600 R8000
Upper Leg  R1800 R9000
Full Leg  R2850 R9950
Toes  R200 R1000
Chest  R560 R2800
Chest & Tummy  R990 R4950
Tummy  R500 R2500
1/2 Back  R1200 R6000
Full Back  R1900 R9500
Lower Back   R1190 R5950


Full Smoothe 90 min R690
Voted Best Facial in 2010, we believe that this facial is truly the best there is. We love doing it for our clients and we believe you will love receiving it.A decadent facial treatment that uses a variety of massage techniques combined with cutting-edge ingredients: fruit washes, oxygen creams, vitamin serums and pure oxygen sprays; leaving skin soft, supple, clean and clear.Inspired by the famous New York Oxygen facial adored by celebrities and royalty. Our founder has finely tuned this facial treatment on many famous faces and is now quietly transforming faces throughout the West Coast.
Basic Smoothe 60min R490
Ideal for frequent Smoothe fans or if you wish to maintainclear skin during peels or infusions. A skin boosting menu with core ingredients of deep cleansing, light extractions, mask and facial massage.
Oxygen Express 30min R300
A powerful, yet gentle treatment that combines Japanese rice grains and salicylic acid to buff dull and dehydrated skin. We use a superior blend of vitamins A, C and E to stimulate regeneration and healing, finally sealing your skin with pure medical Oxygen.
Environ Vitamin Touch Facial  60min       R490
We believe that skin therapy is a science and that your skin deserves to look beautiful for life. Discover the benchmark of beautiful skin today, with our Environ Express Glow advanced facial treatment that make a real, lasting difference to your skin
IS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial 45min      R650
Known as the Hollywood Facial! The Fire & Ice Facial Treatment by IS Clinical works like a Chemical Peel without the Peel! This intensive clinical treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The “Fire” portion is an intensive Resurfacing Masque clinically formulated with 18% unbuffered glycolic acid. The Ice portion is a rejuvenating, cool, soothing and intensively hydrating masque with hyarluronic acid. You may experience a mild redness immediately following the procedure.  6 treatments are recommended for maximum benefit – 4 week intervals.
Lamelle Lacti-Firm Peel 30min R490
This Lamelle professional Chemical exfoliation is working on skin firming / tightening. It accelerates skin shedding. This Peel is a treatment that without peeling, no downtime, no recovery time.
Lamelle Beta Peel                             30 min         R490
This treatment lightens areas of uneven pigmentation from hormonal imbalances UV exposure and pregnancy. A series of regular professional visits combined with a vigorous homecare regime, including sun protection, will provide phenomenal results.
Micro-Needling  75 min    R1500
Microneedling is a procedure designed specifically to invoke the healing response in your skin by causing microtrauma in a targeted way. These small and controlled piercings go into your epidermis and even the upper layers of the dermis to stimulate the healing response in your skin which results in increased collagen formation and elastin formation


Forget the bog-standard Swedish massage, Smoothe fine-tunes the best techniques from around the world, delivers them in warm vanilla tones and induces comatose status in any of our clients. Shower facilities available on booking. Please advise booking on pressure required: Light / medium / deep
30min R320
45min R420
60min R520
90min R720
 Back facial is defined as the treatment of the back skin. It uses the same techniques and treatments used in facial skin treatment in addition with deep pore cleansing and extra softening. It gives you a healthy and glowing back. Back facial is also good for acne problems in the back.
Back Facial(60min) R499


Milk and Honey 60min R260
A South African love affair with milk and cinnamon that leaves your nails shaped, tidied and beautifully painted.
Express Manicure 30min R190
Express Gel Colour R280
Express Gel French R320
Full Mani+ Gel R380


Milk and Honey 60min R299
A pedicure to almost perfect feet.Get soaked, scrubbed and buffed to your former self. An energising massage will pep up the spirit and warm eucalyptus-infused steam towels will take the edge off heeled-feet. A must for regulars or for those simply putting their toes in the water.
Moji-toe 70min R310
For feathery-tender feet kissed with a ‘sub ‘lime-minty freshness. Hard at heal, tarmac trekkers can ease themselves into a Cuban concoction of lime-minty soak and sugary lime scrub. Get clipped, buffed and honed within the inches of sandal-glamorous toes. Deep-point massage will revive the hardest of trekkers.
Express Pedicure R210
Express Gel Pedicure R300
Express Gel French Pedi   R340
Full Pedi+ Express Gel R400
Full Pedi+ Express Gel French R440
Honey Pedicure R250
Kids Pedicure R200

Brows + Lashes

HD brows R120
Our Highly Defined Brows is a sophisticated treatment to truly hone your brows into the best and most suitable shape and colour. We use several technical steps to achieve your look. Exclusive to Smoothe.
Simple Brow Wax R80
Lash Tint R80
Eyelash Extensions Half Set  45min to 75min R400
Eyelash Extensions Full Set 60min to 120min R600
Eyelash Extensions Fills 30min to 60min From R220

Strip Waxing

Full leg R290
Lower Leg R160
Upper Leg R190
Chest R220
Full Back R220
Half Arm R130
Full Arm R170

Hot Wax-Jetting

Amazing polymer technology that allows our wax to bend and move with your skin, causing little pain and discomfort. Our wax simply shrink-wraps your hair, as short as 2mm, and gently removes the hair and not your skin.
Bikini R160
G-String R170
Brazilian R210
Hollywood R230
Toe Wax R60
Nose R65
Lip or Chin R75
Full Face R240
Full Face and Neck R390
Underarm wax R130


Smoothe Packages

Perfect Spoil  90min R690
Express Facial, Back, Neck,Shoulder and Head Massage
Create Your Own Package  2hrs R800

 Pick any 4 of the treatments below:

Back & Shoulder Massage, Head & Neck Massage, Foot Massage, Express Facial, Express Pedicure, Express Manicure


We require a major credit card to secure and confirm first time appointments and Saturday bookings. No shows or reservations moved or cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment will be charged 50% of the service amount. Cancellations within 4hours will be charged at 100%.


For shoulders well-rubbed, nails painted beautifully and superb service, please consider ‘gifting’ our hard-working therapists. A little love goes a long way!


All rebooking on the day receives an immediate 10% discount to say Thank You for your loyalty.

Visiting Times

Summer Visiting Times: Winter Visiting Times: Public Holidays:
Monday-Friday 9-6pm Monday-Friday 9-6pm 9-3pm
Sat 9-5pm Sat 9-5pm

Spa Etiquette

  1. We ask that all cell phones are turned off or on silent. We ask that no calls are taken in the spa as we have super relaxing massages on the go…
  2. Please arrive 15min before your first treatment to fill in a quick information card. so we can spoil you on your birthday.
  3. We ask that no dogs are brought into the spa, we are absolute animal-lovers, but have to respect all our clients’ needs.