Pastel nail colours for Spring… our new nail services

Ever wondered how those in the media’s scrutiny can maintain such lovely, well-groomed manicures. Always polished, chip-free and immaculate. I think of Kate Middelton’s subtle ‘pink’ nail shine, always short, pretty and shiny. A definite serene background to show off any big sparkler on her finger. Or, Mrs Beckham? Short, dark and vampy. Yet, always polished and ‘freshly painted’.

Whether one is pouring over magazines, rumbling through silk dresses or picking up after little children, we can all have the same set of polished, chip- free nails. ( And we don’t need a personal stylist to have it either.)

So which nail service is truly the best for our nails? We have tried many systems, classical and just plain ‘copy cat’. we have sat and listened to the converted wax lyrical on why their system is the best. We have tried and we have failed. Some cases done well, but overall failed.

Why? Have you ever had a good blow dry? You know when you have. Hair is bouncy, shiny and lasts for days…that is the key…lasts for days.. Same with nails. Top shine, chip-free that lasts for days. Quite honestly, some cases fail as we chew our nails, pick or peel the nail polish. Sometimes, without even knowing and then announce, unaware, “we have not done anything to our nails, must be the nail technician.”.

So, dear readers, my belief in a nail system that paints on like nail polish and lasts for 2 weeks is truly is as thin as the nail polishes in question.

Yet, we try our very best to offer our clients the best systems. And with much deliberation, testing and retesting, I do believe we have found an answer.: Biosculpture’s new Express Gel Treatment. So bring your little fingers and let the journey begin. Dive into a host of beautiful colours and leave Smoothe knowing that you will be walking your own red-carpet with shiny, well-groomed nails.

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